Badlands Bar & Grill

Badlands Bar & Grill is a unique blend of fine dining in a casual setting.

Stepping inside Badlands Bar & Grill, customers are greeted by the atmosphere that reflects the look and feel of the rugged Badlands of the Dakotas. This is softened by the rich décor reflecting the design of Theodore Roosevelt’s summer lodge, giving guests a cozy, relaxed environment.

Badlands Bar & Grill’s menu features the area’s finest steak, seafood, chicken, and pasta selections as well as our own deliciously classic comfort foods. Guests can complete their dining experience with a variety of wines, beers, liquors as a compliment to their favorite appetizer, entrée and dessert.

At Badlands Grill, everyone is welcome and everyone is our special guest.

  • Our experience with Badlands could have been terrible if not for the friendly and accommodating staff and atmosphere. I was with a large group and a few of our members had things wrong with our food. I tried mine and it just wasn't what I had expected and so I didn't eat it. It was my own preference and had nothing to do with the actual restaurant screwing up. Anyway, they comped us all, me included even though they didn't have to and everyone would have been fine without it as the food was still great. Thank you and I will definitely be back again to try something else!!!

    Ashley Woehl Avatar
    Ashley Woehl

    Always great service and Moscato. Servers Hanna & Tricia.

    Maye Jones Avatar
    Maye Jones

    Best French Dip I've had in years!

    Angie Dietrich Renfrow Avatar
    Angie Dietrich Renfrow
  • Very delicious burger and fries and a nice, newly remodeled atmosphere! Definitely recommend!

    Jeff Feller Avatar
    Jeff Feller

    5 star ratingFabulous Great atmosphere, food and service! You will not be disappointed. We have been here a few times now and are always very impressed!

    Tabatha B Avatar
    Tabatha B

    Great food and a fabulous staff!! When you're in Minot, a great place to eat!

    Joel E. Johnson Avatar
    Joel E. Johnson
  • I love their steaks, love SW Chicken Salad. Both so good! Appreciate Tuesday's all day 25% off meals. Great service and love new remodeling of Bar & Grill.

    Angie Wenzel Avatar
    Angie Wenzel

    Salad bar is very good, and staff is very friendly. Had a great meal with great friends and family. The atmosphere is welcoming and warm in the winter with the fireplaces. Yesterday they had the patio doors open and are getting ready for summertime patio time. The staff needs to realize that guests seated near the kitchen can hear their conversations and should watch their foul language.

    Linda Sperling- Mosser Avatar
    Linda Sperling- Mosser

    Good food and staff. Prices are ok you get good amount food for the money. Wi-Fi is ok other it a little hard to use as wanted you to log into Facebook or Twitter to use it type in your e-mail address. I would rather not do that in a public place. Took 360 video with my LG 360 Cam see video link in comments my parents got senior discount for Tues Which want we saw on the sign outside made us come

    Jeff Kinkade Avatar
    Jeff Kinkade
  • 5 star ratingGreat Food, Great Experience! Great experience, bartender Josh did a great job of knowing the menu, suggested some great appetizers (try the deep fried pickles). Burgers were great!!

    NDDiverdave Avatar

    I really loved the food here.

    Jinelyn Jones Avatar
    Jinelyn Jones

    Friendliest reception ever; Tricia is wonderful!! Food and service was great! Thanks for supporting vetersns�

    Lloyd Krueger Avatar
    Lloyd Krueger
  • Great food, great service. The best and cleanest salad bar in town!

    Romi Melendez Avatar
    Romi Melendez

    Awesome Pasta Chicken Alfredo! Friendly staff! Can't wait to come back!

    Val Cunningham Avatar
    Val Cunningham

    Badlands does everything correctly... Great vibe and atmosphere... Fantastic staff... (Thanks Carly, Danni & Rachel!) Magnificent, well-prepared food..! I recommend the Salmon or the Tortellini and for desert, the Fried Apple Cheesecake... Love this place!

    Erich Lingenfelter Avatar
    Erich Lingenfelter